In which I am probably influenced by things I hear.

So, the heroine of the first Fates project is a woman.


So, the heroine of the first Fates project is a woman.  She’s been alive for a very long time.  She’s well traveled.  Right now, she’s pretty Anglo-centric.

Now, I’m not sure about you, but I have a decent little commute to and from work every day.  With thirty minutes each way (and only one highly terrible English radio station to tune into), I like mixing up a variety of podcasts and, needing a bit of culture and interesting subjects, recently started listening to TEDTalks (well worth the download!).  On my drive home tonight while I ducked in and out of the chaos on the roads that is rush hour in Qatar, my iPod randomly selected a discussion where the speaker brought up the concept of Ubuntu.

Little Western me, I’m always looking for concepts or ideas than can help build my character (obvious pun is obvious) and try…

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Test! What Test?

Bunny Hopping Corgi

Bunny Hopping Corgi

Bunny Hopping Corgi

History and Permanance

History and Permanance

My Great-Grandfather, Frances Marion Holt, died in 1903. I, obviously, never met him and what I know of him is from his Civil War service record and what I have been able to glean from a few sources here and there. I do know from family records that he was illiterate and left no written records, no letters, no postcards, no writings behind. I can imagine conversations with him, but I have no real idea what he liked, what he thought, what he dreamed or what he hoped. I do know that he had a son, Charles Leonidas Holt

My maternal grandfather died in 1959, five years before I was born, and it wasn’t until I was well into my own 40’s that I knew much about him at all. I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with my Uncle Joe (of blessed memory) and talk about Grandpa. In…

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Eskisehirspor 5-2 Karabukspor FT

Eskisehirspor 5-2 Karabukspor FT

Turkey Super League Picks

Although 0-1 down, Eskisehirspor was the better side and got a comfortable win.

+4.75 units profit

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Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan

Civil War Diaries, October 21, 1862

Lounge Act

Lounge Act


The Final Bertie County Transactions

Hook on Hooked | Blog

History (October 20th, 2012)


News.  I love it.


Newsweek.  I’ve been a subscriber since I was eighteen.   This week, Newsweek announced that, at the end of the year, paper publication will cease.


HBO.  I’m an addict.


Rory Kennedy.  I’m a huge fan.


Ethel, a documentary by Rory Kennedy – wow!  It overwhelmed me.


What will make the next generation cry?  What will they remember?  What makes history?

John F. Kennedy, Jr. was assassinated seven years before I was born.  But, I cry when I see the footage. . .when I see Jacqui spattered with his blood. . .when I hear how Robert Kennedy mourned.


Two years before I was born, when he was only 39-years-old, Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot and killed.  It breaks my heart. 


Prior to his murder, Robert F. Kennedy gave Gene Kelly to his…

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Beverley Minster – UK


Visited Beverley Minster recently and found it very worthwhile. The building, stone and wood carvings are all of the highest quality and show off the skill set of our ancestors. The staff are very friendly and informative. See our website under ‘POI’.

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Docetism and the Early Church

Samuel at Gilgal

Heresy and the Bible:

The leaders of the early church had to address wrong ideas that threatened the integrity of the gospel message. One of the first was Docetism. Docetic comes from the Greek word meaning “to appear.” Those who proposed this heresy maintained that Jesus really did not have or inhabit a physical body. They believed Jesus only “appeared” to have a body. The basis of Docetism is that Jesus was a spiritual being who could not have had a true body. John, however, reminds us that, “By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God… (1 John 4:2 ESV)

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